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def lib::sources::gconfsource::GConfChange::get_short_description (   self  ) 

Return a short description of the GConf key change.

Reimplemented from lib::userprofile::ProfileChange.

Definition at line 86 of file gconfsource.py.

00086                                     :
        """Return a short description of the GConf key change."""
        if not self.value:
            return _("GConf key '%s' unset") % self.key
        elif self.value.type == gconf.VALUE_STRING:
            return _("GConf key '%s' set to string '%s'")  % (self.key, self.value.to_string ())
        elif self.value.type == gconf.VALUE_INT:
            return _("GConf key '%s' set to integer '%s'") % (self.key, self.value.to_string ())
        elif self.value.type == gconf.VALUE_FLOAT:
            return _("GConf key '%s' set to float '%s'")   % (self.key, self.value.to_string ())
        elif self.value.type == gconf.VALUE_BOOL:
            return _("GConf key '%s' set to boolean '%s'") % (self.key, self.value.to_string ())
        elif self.value.type == gconf.VALUE_SCHEMA:
            return _("GConf key '%s' set to schema '%s'")  % (self.key, self.value.to_string ())
        elif self.value.type == gconf.VALUE_LIST:
            return _("GConf key '%s' set to list '%s'")    % (self.key, self.value.to_string ())
        elif self.value.type == gconf.VALUE_PAIR:
            return _("GConf key '%s' set to pair '%s'")    % (self.key, self.value.to_string ())
            return _("GConf key '%s' set to '%s'")         % (self.key, self.value.to_string ())

    def set_mandatory (self, value):

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