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def lib::sources::gconfsource::GConfSource::set_enforce_mandatory (   self,

Temporary make mandatory setting non-mandatory.

Reimplemented from lib::userprofile::ProfileSource.

Definition at line 255 of file gconfsource.py.

00255                                              :
        if enforce == self.enforce_mandatory:

        dprint ("Setting enforce mandatory to %d", enforce)
        (old_client, old_address) = self.get_committing_client_and_address (True)
        self.enforce_mandatory = enforce
        (client, address) = self.get_committing_client_and_address (True)

        copy_tree (old_client, client, "/")
        recursive_unset (old_client, "/")

    def apply (self, is_sabayon_session):

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