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def lib::sources::gconfsource::GConfSource::sync_changes (   self  ) 

Ensure that all committed changes are saved to disk.

Reimplemented from lib::userprofile::ProfileSource.

Definition at line 229 of file gconfsource.py.

00229                            :
        """Ensure that all committed changes are saved to disk."""
        # FIXME: it would be nicer if we just wrote directly
        #        to the defaults and mandatory sources
        #dprint ("Shutting down gconfd in order to sync changes to disk")
        #os.system ("gconftool-2 --shutdown")
        if self.defaults_client:
        if self.mandatory_client:
        if self.mandatory_alt_client:
        time.sleep (2)

        if os.path.exists (os.path.join (self.home_dir, ".gconf.xml.defaults")):
            self.storage.add (".gconf.xml.defaults", self.home_dir, self.name)

        if self.enforce_mandatory:
            mandatory_src = ".gconf.xml.mandatory"
            mandatory_src = ".gconf.xml.mandatory-alt"
        if os.path.exists (os.path.join (self.home_dir, mandatory_src)):
            self.storage.add (".gconf.xml.mandatory", self.home_dir, self.name, src_path = mandatory_src)

    def set_enforce_mandatory (self, enforce):

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