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#!/usr/bin/env python

# Copyright (C) 2005 Red Hat, Inc.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

import os
import os.path
import sys
import shutil
import tempfile
import pwd
import gobject
import gtk
import gtk.glade
import storage
import editorwindow
import usersdialog
import util
import userdb
import protosession
from config import *

def dprint (fmt, *args):
    util.debug_print (util.DEBUG_ADMINTOOL, fmt % args)

def _get_profile_path_for_name (profile_name):
    return os.path.join (PROFILESDIR, profile_name + ".zip")

class Session (gobject.GObject):
    __gsignals__ = {
        "finished" : (gobject.SIGNAL_RUN_LAST, gobject.TYPE_NONE, ())
    def __init__ (self, username, profile_name):
        gobject.GObject.__init__ (self)
        self.username     = username
        self.profile_name = profile_name
        self.profile_path = _get_profile_path_for_name (profile_name)

        self.pw = pwd.getpwnam (self.username)

        self.user_profile_path = None
        self.temp_homedir      = None

        self.session_pid         = 0
        self.session_child_watch = 0

    def __del__ (self):
        if self.temp_homedir:
            protosession.reset_shell_and_homedir (self.username, self.temp_homedir)
            self.temp_homedir = None
        if self.user_profile_path:
            os.remove (self.user_profile_path)
            self.user_profile_path = None
        if self.temp_xauth_path:
            os.remove (self.temp_xauth_path)
            self.temp_xauth_path = None

    def __copy_xauthority (self):
        if not os.environ.has_key ("XAUTHORITY"):
            return None

        xauthority = os.environ["XAUTHORITY"]

        (fd, temp_path) = tempfile.mkstemp (prefix = "xauth-%s-" % self.username)
        os.close (fd)

        shutil.copy2 (xauthority, temp_path)
        os.chown (temp_path, self.pw.pw_uid, self.pw.pw_gid)

        dprint ("Copied $XAUTHORITY (%s) temporarily to %s", xauthority, temp_path)

        return temp_path

    def __copy_to_user (self, profile_path):
        (fd, user_path) = tempfile.mkstemp (prefix = "profile-%s-" % self.username, suffix = ".zip")
        os.close (fd)

        shutil.copy2 (profile_path, user_path)
        os.chown (user_path, self.pw.pw_uid, self.pw.pw_gid)

        dprint ("Copied %s temporarily to %s", profile_path, user_path)

        return user_path

    def __copy_from_user (self, user_path, profile_path):
        os.chown (user_path, os.geteuid (), os.getegid ())
        shutil.move (user_path, profile_path)
        dprint ("Moved %s back from %s", user_path, profile_path)

    def __session_child_watch_handler (self, pid, status):
        dprint ("sabayon-session died")

        protosession.reset_shell_and_homedir (self.username, self.temp_homedir)
        self.temp_homedir = None

        if self.temp_xauth_path:
            os.remove (self.temp_xauth_path)
            self.temp_xauth_path = None
        self.__copy_from_user (self.user_profile_path, self.profile_path)
        self.user_profile_path = None

        self.session_pid         = 0
        self.session_child_watch = 0

        self.emit ("finished")
        return False

    def start (self):
        self.user_profile_path = self.__copy_to_user (self.profile_path)
        self.temp_homedir = protosession.setup_shell_and_homedir (self.username)
        protosession.clobber_user_processes (self.username)
        display_number = protosession.find_free_display ()

        self.temp_xauth_path = self.__copy_xauthority ()

        self.session_pid = os.fork ()
        if self.session_pid == 0: # Child process
            os.setgid (self.pw.pw_gid)
            os.setuid (self.pw.pw_uid)

            os.chdir (self.temp_homedir)

            os.setsid ()
            os.umask (022)

            new_environ = {}
            for key in PASSTHROUGH_ENVIRONMENT:
                if os.environ.has_key (key):
                    new_environ[key] = os.environ[key]

            new_environ["PATH"]       = DEFAULT_PATH
            new_environ["SHELL"]      = DEFAULT_SHELL
            new_environ["DISPLAY"]    = os.environ["DISPLAY"]
            new_environ["HOME"]       = self.temp_homedir
            new_environ["LOGNAME"]    = self.pw.pw_name
            new_environ["USER"]       = self.pw.pw_name
            new_environ["USERNAME"]   = self.pw.pw_name

            if self.temp_xauth_path:
                new_environ["XAUTHORITY"] = self.temp_xauth_path

            dprint ("Child process env: %s" % new_environ)

            argv = SESSION_TOOL_ARGV + [ self.profile_name, self.user_profile_path, str (display_number) ]

            dprint ("Executing %s" % argv)
            os.execve (SESSION_TOOL_ARGV[0], argv, new_environ)

            # Shouldn't ever happen
            sys.stderr.write ("Failed to launch sabayon-session")
            os._exit (1)

        self.session_child_watch = gobject.child_watch_add (self.session_pid,

gobject.type_register (Session)

class ProfilesModel (gtk.ListStore):
    ) = range (1)

    def __init__ (self):
        gtk.ListStore.__init__ (self, str)
        self.reload ()

    def reload (self):
        self.clear ()
        profiles = userdb.get_database ().get_profiles ()
        profiles.sort ()
        for profile in profiles:
            self.set (self.append (),
                      self.COLUMN_NAME, profile)

class AddProfileDialog:
    def __init__ (self, profiles_model):
        self.profiles_model = profiles_model
        glade_file = os.path.join (GLADEDIR, "sabayon.glade")
        self.xml = gtk.glade.XML (glade_file, "add_profile_dialog")
        self.dialog = self.xml.get_widget ("add_profile_dialog")
        self.dialog.connect ("destroy", gtk.main_quit)
        self.dialog.set_default_response (gtk.RESPONSE_ACCEPT)
        self.dialog.set_icon_name ("sabayon")

        self.add_button = self.xml.get_widget ("add_profile_add_button")
        self.add_button.set_sensitive (False)

        self.name_entry = self.xml.get_widget ("add_profile_name_entry")
        self.name_entry.connect ("changed", self.__name_entry_changed)
        self.name_entry.set_activates_default (True)
        self.base_combo = self.xml.get_widget ("add_profile_base_combo")
        self.base_combo.set_model (self.profiles_model)
        if self.profiles_model.get_iter_first () is None:
            self.base_combo.set_sensitive (False)

        renderer = gtk.CellRendererText ()
        self.base_combo.pack_start (renderer, True)
        self.base_combo.set_attributes (renderer, text = ProfilesModel.COLUMN_NAME)

    def __name_entry_changed (self, entry):
        text = entry.get_text ()
        if not text or text.isspace ():
            self.add_button.set_sensitive (False)
            self.add_button.set_sensitive (True)

    def run (self, parent):
        self.name_entry.grab_focus ()
        self.dialog.set_transient_for (parent)
        self.dialog.present ()
        response = self.dialog.run ()
        self.dialog.hide ()
        if response != gtk.RESPONSE_ACCEPT:
            return (None, None)

        row = self.base_combo.get_active_iter ()
        if row:
            base = self.profiles_model.get_value (row, ProfilesModel.COLUMN_NAME)
            base = None
        return (self.name_entry.get_text (), base)

class ProfilesDialog:
    def __init__ (self):
        assert os.geteuid () == 0
        glade_file = os.path.join (GLADEDIR, "sabayon.glade")
        self.xml = gtk.glade.XML (glade_file, "profiles_dialog")

        self.dialog = self.xml.get_widget ("profiles_dialog")
        self.dialog.connect ("destroy", gtk.main_quit)
        self.dialog.set_default_response (gtk.RESPONSE_ACCEPT)
        self.dialog.set_icon_name ("sabayon")

        self.profiles_list = self.xml.get_widget ("profiles_list")
        self.__setup_profiles_list ()
        self.profiles_list.connect ("key-press-event", self.__handle_key_press)

        self.add_button = self.xml.get_widget ("add_button")
        self.add_button.connect ("clicked", self.__add_button_clicked)

        self.remove_button = self.xml.get_widget ("remove_button")
        self.remove_button.connect ("clicked", self.__remove_button_clicked)
        self.edit_button = self.xml.get_widget ("edit_button")
        self.__fix_button_align (self.edit_button)
        self.edit_button.connect ("clicked", self.__edit_button_clicked)
        self.details_button = self.xml.get_widget ("details_button")
        self.__fix_button_align (self.details_button)
        self.details_button.connect ("clicked", self.__details_button_clicked)
        self.users_button = self.xml.get_widget ("users_button")
        self.__fix_button_align (self.users_button)
        self.users_button.connect ("clicked", self.__users_button_clicked)
        self.help_button = self.xml.get_widget ("help_button")
        self.help_button.hide ()

        self.dialog.connect ("response", self.__dialog_response)

        (width, height) = self.profiles_list.size_request ()

        self.dialog.set_default_size (min (width + 250, 450),
                                      min (height + 190, 400))

        self.profiles_list.grab_focus ()
        self.__profile_selection_changed (self.profiles_list.get_selection ())

        self.dialog.show ()

    def __fix_button_align (self, button):
        child = button.get_child ()

        if isinstance (child, gtk.Alignment):
            child.set_property ("xalign", 0.0)
        elif isinstance (child, gtk.Label):
            child.set_property ("xalign", 0.0)

    def __setup_profiles_list (self):
        self.profiles_model = ProfilesModel ()
        self.profiles_list.set_model (self.profiles_model)

        self.profiles_list.get_selection ().set_mode (gtk.SELECTION_SINGLE)
        self.profiles_list.get_selection ().connect ("changed", self.__profile_selection_changed)

        c = gtk.TreeViewColumn (_("Name"),
                                gtk.CellRendererText (),
                                text = ProfilesModel.COLUMN_NAME)
        self.profiles_list.append_column (c)

    def __dialog_response (self, dialog, response_id):
        dialog.destroy ()

    def __add_button_clicked (self, button):
        (profile_name, base_profile) = AddProfileDialog (self.profiles_model).run (self.dialog)
        if profile_name:
            self.__create_new_profile (profile_name, base_profile)

    def __get_selected_profile (self):
        (model, row) = self.profiles_list.get_selection ().get_selected ()
        if not row:
            return None
        return model[row][ProfilesModel.COLUMN_NAME]

    def __session_finished (self, session):
        self.dialog.set_sensitive (True)

    def __edit_button_clicked (self, button):
        profile_name = self.__get_selected_profile ()
        if profile_name:
            self.dialog.set_sensitive (False)

            session = Session (PROTOTYPE_USER, profile_name)
            session.connect ("finished", self.__session_finished)
            session.start ()

    def __details_button_clicked (self, button):
        profile_name = self.__get_selected_profile ()
        if profile_name:
            editorwindow.ProfileEditorWindow (profile_name, self.dialog)
    def __users_button_clicked (self, button):
        profile_name = self.__get_selected_profile ()
        if profile_name:
            usersdialog.UsersDialog (profile_name, self.dialog)

    def __delete_currently_selected (self):
        (model, selected) = self.profiles_list.get_selection ().get_selected ()
        if selected:
            if model.iter_next (selected):
                select = model[model.iter_next (selected)][ProfilesModel.COLUMN_NAME]
                select = None
                row = model.get_iter_first ()
                while row and model.iter_next (row):
                    next = model.iter_next (row)
                    if model.get_string_from_iter (next) == model.get_string_from_iter (selected):
                        select = model[row][ProfilesModel.COLUMN_NAME]
                    row = next

            profile_name = model[selected][ProfilesModel.COLUMN_NAME]
            dprint ("Deleting '%s'", profile_name)
            os.remove (_get_profile_path_for_name (profile_name))

            db = userdb.get_database ()
            if db.get_default_profile (False) == profile_name:
                db.set_default_profile (None)
            for user in db.get_users ():
                if db.get_profile (user, False, True) == profile_name:
                    db.set_profile (user, None)
            self.profiles_model.reload ()

            row = None
            if select:
                row = self.profiles_model.get_iter_first ()
                while row:
                    if select == model[row][ProfilesModel.COLUMN_NAME]:
                    row = model.iter_next (row)
            if not row:
                row = self.profiles_model.get_iter_first ()
            if row:
                self.profiles_list.get_selection ().select_iter (row)

    def __remove_button_clicked (self, button):
        self.__delete_currently_selected ()

    def __handle_key_press (self, profiles_list, event):
        if event.keyval in (gtk.keysyms.Delete, gtk.keysyms.KP_Delete):
            self.__delete_currently_selected ()

    def __make_unique_profile_name (self, profile_name):
        profiles = userdb.get_database ().get_profiles ()

        name = profile_name
        idx = 1
        while name in profiles:
            # Translators: this string specifies how a profile
            #              name is concatenated with an integer
            #              to form a unique profile name e.g.
            #              "Artist Workstation (5)"
            name = _("%s (%s)") % (profile_name, idx)
            idx += 1
        return name

    def __create_new_profile (self, profile_name, base_profile):
        profile_name = self.__make_unique_profile_name (profile_name)
        if base_profile:
            base_storage = storage.ProfileStorage (base_profile)
            new_storage = base_storage.copy (profile_name)
            new_storage = storage.ProfileStorage (profile_name)
            new_storage.save ()

        self.profiles_model.reload ()
        row = self.profiles_model.get_iter_first ()
        while row:
            if self.profiles_model[row][ProfilesModel.COLUMN_NAME] == profile_name:
                self.profiles_list.get_selection ().select_iter (row)
            row = self.profiles_model.iter_next (row)

    def __profile_selection_changed (self, selection):
        profile_name = self.__get_selected_profile ()
        self.edit_button.set_sensitive (profile_name != None)
        self.details_button.set_sensitive (profile_name != None)
        self.users_button.set_sensitive (profile_name != None)
        self.remove_button.set_sensitive (profile_name != None)

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